Event 05/2021 – CallUS – Words of love

[CONTEST]: CallUS – Words of love

On the occasion of the upcoming Mother’s Day, CallUS wishes to bring the most meaningful day to our wonderful women through the contest “CALLUS – WORDS OF LOVE”. Hopefully, this will be the place where you send your feelings, sincere wishes, or a memorable memory about your Mother (or the woman you love).

Thank you Mom – wonderful woman, You taught me how to smile when I fail, how to get up when I fall. Help your child stay on the path of life…


Let share stories of Homies with pictures related to Mother (or the woman you love). It could be a lovely, everyday story about them or something you’ve never expressed.

Step 1: Submit an article to share the story with pictures related to your mother (or the woman you love) to the link at the bottom of the post.

Step 2: Drink tea and eat cake and wait for Admin’s approval.

Step 3: After approval, the contest entry will be uploaded on the fan page in an extremely new form


05 WINNERS: 1 pair of BUFFET tickets for each prize, eating “lemongrass” at a restaurant for you and the woman you love.


  1. Jury rating (70%)
  2. Vote (30%)
  • 1 Like/Heart/Love/Haha/Sad = 1 point
  • 1 Comment = 2 points
  • 1 Share = 3 points

METHOD OF AWARDING: The Organizing Committee will award 5 articles (with photos) with the highest score from the top down.

  • The submission period is from April 26 to May 12. So, do not hesitate to invite more friends to participate to increase your chances of winning!
  • The voting period for entries is up to May 19.
  • The Organizing Committee will announce the award results on May 21.