Event 08/2021 – Super selfie – Get the best gift

Super selfie – Get the best gift

How are the days of working from home for CallUS-ers? To announce that I’m fine, CallUS-ers can “compete” with each other through the “lifetime photos” of the Work from the home season! Join CallUS to join the #calluswfh contest to share memorable moments while working from home during Covid.

📣 Official rules:
– Participants: Anyone who is working at CallUS can join the challenge
– How to join:
#Step1: CallUS-er takes a photo or video (under 1 minute).
Hint: Some styling tips to guarantee “thousands of likes”: cute selfie with cheese sticks, share your workspace at home, ask your mama to take a photo or take a deep shot while working, online meeting with the team,… ( do not violate fine customs, do not gather > 2 people, do not be in public places)
#Step 2:
+ CallUS-er posts photos or videos on the personal Facebook page, set to public mode.
+ Check-in page CallUS Call Center with caption spreading positive spirit against Covid-19 epidemic.
+ Hashtag #calluswfh.
💢 Note: Hashtag by week. Week 1 is #calluswfh #w1. Week 2 is #calluswfh #w2
#Step3: CallUS-er remember to ask people to interact with your photo/video for a chance to receive a “rescue package” during this pandemic season! Therefore, take advantage of posting as soon as possible to earn “winner” likes.

⏰ Participation time:
– Week 1: from August 2, 2021, to the end of August 6, 2021, BTC will announce the prize on August 7, 2021.
– Week 2: from August 9, 2021, to the end of August 13, 2021, BTC will announce the prize on August 14, 2021.

🎁 Weekly Prizes:
The top 3 photos/videos with the highest engagement will receive instant top-up scratch cards for mobile phones.
💢 Note:
– Unlimited number of CallUS-er photos participating and calling for voting each week, BTC will count the photo with the highest interaction of each CallUS-er.
– Do not reuse the photo or video you entered the previous week.
– CallUS-er who won the award in the first week can still participate in the second week.
– Each form of interaction is converted equally (like=haha=drop heart=loving=wow=share, excluding comments…).
– “Rescue Package” will be quickly loaded to the winners of the CallUS-er.