What is BPO?

BPO – Business Process Outsourcing, is a concept that describes the use of related services by external professional suppliers instead of self-deployment in the organization in order to reduce costs, increase competitiveness, and focus energy. development of core business areas of the enterprise. Companies contract with BPO providers for dual key areas such as:

– Back office: The company contracts with its core businesses such as accounting, payment processing, services. IT, HR, regulatory compliance, and quality assurance for outside professionals who make sure the business runs smoothly.

– Front office: Customer-related services such as technical support, sales, and marketing.


Choosing the right BPO partner is crucial – if you mess up there, finding a new partner can be expensive or time-consuming. Thus, we have put together a step-by-step guide on how to do it effectively.

  • Defining your requirements

It is important to have a clear insight into what processes, exactly, you may be outsourcing. Without specifications, you may have trouble finding an ideal partner for the task.

  • Draft a request for proposals and start looking for partners

Based on your organization’s requirements, expand the RFP containing all the information surrounding the project. Next, let’s start sending it to the top partner organizations.

  • Evaluate proposals and choose partners

Scan all offers and find the ideal one for you. However, do not switch to a lower-cost partner.

  • Drafting and Negotiating Contracts

Establish all the little information surrounding the project – how can you interact with the organization over time? What is hoped for, or what is the cost?

  • Putting the project into action

Once you have learned all the information, it’s time to start the project. By now, you may have made an action plan at the end.

  • Monitor the performance of your partner company

Starting a project is the first step. In other words, you can monitor your organization’s performance and make sure it doesn’t lose quality over time. 


Understanding the needs of choosing a BPO partner is important at the beginning of every business project. Callus was optimized workflow the same:

  • Receiving customer needs
  • Consulting services and concluding contracts
  • Receiving data objects from customers
  • Create file customers under the system for employees
  • Control call center service and calls quality in parallel.
  • Data analysis and statistics report periodically