What is Voice Analytics?

Voice Analytics is speech recognition software for recording and analyzing conversations. This feature not only enables speech-to-text translation, but it also enables the perception of the speaker’s emotions and intentions through sound pattern analysis. 

This software was first used for commercial use in enterprises in the early 2000s. Since then, it has become important to many companies investing in speech analysis technology.


Why use Voice Analytics – voice analysis?

Voice Analytics brings great benefits to businesses, can be applied to many industries such as insurance, technology, financial services and healthcare….

It can increase operational efficiency. the customer service department in the Contact center by automatically identifying: 

  • Customer satisfaction: Voice Analytics software identifies key topics, trends, and content of the conversation, thereby identifying get customer satisfaction.
  • Agent productivity and quality: Easily see which agents are performing poorly in your customer service and figure out how to fix the problem.
  • Increase Customer Care Quality: Identify communication and communication techniques that deliver high results and generate high levels of customer satisfaction.


Voice Analytics application for business

Here are some activities that businesses should apply Voice Analytics to bring outstanding results, help the business situation 

  • Outline the company’s project goals: With the following events: With insight from using Voice Analytics for conversations with customers (which requires a large number of samples), the company can completely determine project goals accordingly. 
  • Real-time Analytics: Voice Analytics provides real-time analytics. Real-time call monitoring allows managers to quickly review and analyze customer communication data and eliminate any unexpected problems as they arise.
  • Agents manage their own performance: Voice Analytics application in Call Center is the best solution that allows Agents to manage their own performance. With instant access and insights into call performance, voice analytics can boost employee motivation. Agents can monitor and analyze their own performance and suggest methods for improvement.