HR Team’s Day 03-01

The most memorable memory of Team HR on CALLUS?

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First, HR Team would like to tell Ad and you guys a story:

In the old days there was a proverb:

” Together we can change the world. (from “Một cây làm chẳng nên non – ba cây chụm lại nên hòn núi cao.”)

This is the reason why HR Team chose January 3 as the traditional day of Team, with a mission – the noble meaning that: 3 lovely girls – the most beautiful on earth will join and become a united, most developed Team.


Yes, please: It is only on derivative theory; But in fact, then: Joking and pranking each other every corner of life, even the tiny “small way” still be used to “trolling” each other; So, instead of 3 trees bunched up into a high mountain, but the 3 HR Team trees each have 1 corner, if you pinch, the fire is even faster, hihi. (Just kidding, 3 HR family trees still “love” each other)


What is the most memorable memory about CALLUS? – Ad asked them seriously. Actually for HR Team, there are many memorable memories at CALLUS, but the time being together to work at CALLUS is the most respectable, will remember the most, be


cause there are laughs & cha

llenges , there are difficulties but there will be no lack of interest and sharing from the members in Back Office in particular as well as the CALLUS family in general for each other.

On the occasion of the traditional day of HR Team, 3 HR female warriors wish HR Team will always stick together, develop HR team together and HR warriors wish CALLUS will grow more and more, wish all men and women at CALLUS a new year with prosperity.