What are differences between Telesales and Telemarketing?

Telesales and Telemarketing today are still causing many managers to confuse and misapply…

In today’s business reality, we often hear many people talk about telesales and telemarketing as if they were the same calling method. phone to grab won customers. This is very misleading because the two concepts themselves are used to refer to activities that have a very different impact on the business performance of the business. Misunderstandings can lead business owners to misapply one of these two activities in their strategy. So let’s get clear about the difference and benefits of these two activities.


First of all, Telesales is an older term, and Telemarketing is a new phrase that was recently developed by experts and includes Telesales in it.

The reason is that along with the development of modern marketing, many businesses have understood that there are many very useful activities that help them connect and generate better revenue through their phone channel. Telemarketing, therefore, includes activities related to calling to connect with customers such as product introduction, information provision, old customer activation, lead generation, market research. .. and finally of course sales.

In practice, businesses should pay attention to the difference between Telesales and Telemarketing services. Specifically:

  • Telemarketing is a service of helping businesses create needs for customers, collect information, collect feedback, create sales opportunities, or sell by phone.
  • Telesales is a service that specializes in selling products directly to customers by phone.


  • Telemarketing helps generate leads, communicate to the target group, and let them know the business has what they need. Telemarketing will then continue to create opportunities for customers and businesses to interact and learn more about each other.
  • Telesales, in the last step, will close and bring the contract to the business.

The next question is: Do you need Telesales or Telemarketing?

The answer is: Depends on the characteristics of the business. Let’s review the advantages of both forms.

What can telemarketing help businesses with?

  • Finding new customers, creating demand for products and services, communicating to customers. (Data mining)
  • Filter out potential customers for the sales team. (Data Cleansing)
  • A well-executed telemarketing campaign greatly increases the effectiveness of the business’s overall marketing campaign.
  • No need to make a large number of first marketing calls (Cold calls).
  • Generating leads from old customers, customers with product problems, customers seeking information… (Reactivation)
  • Create sales opportunities for Telesales (Happy call/Welcome call)

What can telesales help businesses?

  • Close sales and take advantage of the amount of customer data, if the business has available or easily obtains customer data.
  • Specialized sales teams are needed in certain industries where closing sales is difficult and highly competitive.
  • Reduce employee travel costs as most communications are done over the phone.
  • Requires experienced sales reps when needing to make a large number of cold calls.

Conclusion: With the actual requirements of a highly competitive environment, businesses can’t seem to ignore any benefits that Telesales and Telemarketing can bring. However, it is very difficult for managers to implement both forms in the enterprise because these are two departments with relatively different expertise but need to be closely coordinated in operation.

Good luck business owners!