For children, Mid-Autumn Festival is really Children’s Day because children in all regions of the country are given Mid-Autumn gifts, can participate in activities such as the procession of lanterns, breaking feasts, watching lion dances, watching the moon, etc. same excitement.

“HAPPY MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL WITH LITTLE ARTISTS” is a playground to help children show off their talents as painters. Full moon festival with meaningful gifts. With the theme “Mid-Autumn Festival according to your imagination”, the children draw pictures of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the night of the full moon, the family reunion, the procession of the star lanterns, etc. CallUS parents can also let their children draw and color according to the suggested pictures of the Organizer.

👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 Participants: Children of CallUS employees of Kindergarten and Primary age

📝 How to join:
#Step 1:
With the theme “Mid-Autumn Festival according to your imagination” or refer to the drawings here: https://bit.ly/3tw8cvf, the children completed their picture.
#Step 2:
As soon as possible, parents send their artwork and a picture of their child with them while they are drawing, with the name of the Child Artist.
#Step 3:
Call for votes from friends and relatives by Like, Comment, Share right at your entry after it is posted on the CallUS Call Center Fanpage.

📥️ How to submit: Direct message via Fanpage CallUS Call Center

🗓 Participation time:
Contest period: September 13, 2021 – September 25, 2021.
Result announcement time: September 28, 20121.

🎁 Prizes:
🎨 01 Talented Artist Award
🎨 01 Potential Artist Award
🎨 03 Children’s Prizes for good drawing
🎨 Souvenirs to Children took part in the contestt

📝 Judging Criteria:
Points from the Organizer: up to 100 points.
• In terms of content: up to 50 points.
• Emotional: up to 50 points.
Scores from the audience:
• Share contest entries posted on fan page = 3 points (Share publicly on personal pages or community groups).
• Comment = 1 point.
• Like = 1 point.

📣📣 Dear CallUS’s Parents!
Are you ready for your child to be creative, receive many good gifts so that the Mid-Autumn Festival in your child is always as joyful and complete as that?

“My yard is so bright
Thanks to the bright moonlight
The moon is as full as a plate
Floating without falling”
I sit under the moonlight
Practice being a child painter.